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Sonward Youth Programs has been in New Kensington/Arnold since 2011 and began with the first week-long Sonward Soccer camp.  Since that time, Sonward has been adding programs.  Sonward services children and families in the two neighborhoods with the highest poverty rates in Westmoreland county, according to the U. S. Census Bureau.

Sonward provides  free afterschool programs and summer programs to help assist in giving children in this under-resourced community a chance to have the same opportunities as other children their age.  Sonward is currently open Monday – Thursday afterschool.

program schedule 2018
Sonward students started the Hope Garden in 2015.  They transformed an empty lot into a beautiful community space where they grew vegetables that they could eat, take home, and preserve.  Watch this video to see the Hope Garden in action.

Click: Hope Garden Video

In 2017, over 250 different children from the New Ken/Arnold area have attended at least 1 day of a Sonward program.  Our summer day programs saw 30 – 50 children each time.  Our current afterschool program has 40 – 50 K – 6th graders coming every time the doors open.  We are growing and making long term relationships with children and families in the community.